In 1996 to celebrate the Mactaggart Leisure Centre’s 5th year anniversary five brave staff members took on the first challenge to swim Lochindaal - Isobel McLean, Morgan Hart, Amy Swanson, Neil Bonar and Allan Campbell swam from Bruichladdich to Bowmore raising money for the centre, this became a routine event for the staff.

In 2001 for the 10th year anniversary Isobel McLean, Karen Donnelly, Morgan Hart, Fiona Ann Creswell and Allan Campbell swam from Port Charlotte to Bowmore.

In 2006 for the 15th Anniversary 12 staff - Isobel McLean, Karen Donnelly, Samantha Caskie, Kirsty McNiven, Frazer Campbell, Graeme Campbell, Laura Abberley, Russell Fraser, Alastair Shaw, Wilma Boyd, Amy Logan and Lewis Prentice swam from Bruichladdich to Bowmore by far the biggest group to have completed the challenge.

In 2016 between August and October the Mactaggart Leisure staff joined forces with Islay medical service staff to swim from Port Charlotte to Bowmore raising money for the centre making this the biggest number of people to swim across the loch in the same year. As the weather was against us on more than one occasion the groups were split into smaller groups taking advantage of the good weather when it came. The swimmers taking part in 2016 from the Mactaggart Leisure Centre were Isobel McLean, Helen Campbell, Jessica Logan, Tristan Rosier Tucker, Lauren McColl, Douglas Bruce, Caitlin Stewart, Millie Mitchell, Karen Siddall, Connor Boyd and Ewan Aitken. Islay Medical staff were Kate Pickering, Sophie Abberley, Anna Aberley and Eloise Miller. A total of £3,950 was raised for the Centre.